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Water in Urban Areas

Water in Urban Areas


Organisation type: Organisation



Climate change adaptation

Coastal protection

Energy storage

Flood prevention


Water in Urban Areas was originally established in 2010 as a strategic partnership. From the end of 2014, Water in Urban Areas has transformed from a strategic partnership to an innovation network. The uniqueness of Water in Urban Areas is that the network consists of both knowledge institutions, government agencies, utilities and private companies (tetra-helix structure).

Water in Urban Areas’ overall vision is "To contribute to climate resilient and sustainable cities by value-adding water management". The mission of Water in Urban Areas is to engage all network partners in:

  • Creating new green jobs in Denmark
  • Develop practical solutions
  • Demonstrate and present lighthouses and document the effectiveness of solutions
  • Increase technological innovation, public innovation and added value of blue/green infrastructure
  • Increasing the export potential of green technologies for adaptation to climate change
  • To create a nationwide network that brings together all stakeholders working with climate adaptation.

The purpose of Water in Urban Areas is to develop, document and present climate adaptation technologies and associated planning tools for transformation of existing urban areas in Denmark. At the same time, Water in Urban Areas support network members in developing their export potential to climate change adaptation for the rest of Europe and the world. The core challenge is to adapt cities to face more extreme and unpredictable precipitation and temperature conditions, while the city's function as a center of economic, cultural and social activities are maintained and strengthened. The massive investment in infrastructure is necessary, whether the adjustment based on conventional or decentralized approaches should ideally be made with multi-functionality in mind, so that the added benefits can be achieved in several areas:

  • Strengthening of Danish companies' position in the international market for climate adaptation and increased job creation in the area of climate adaptation in Denmark
  • The use of rainwater as a resource for supply purposes, the creation of attractive cities and urban spaces, reducing urban energy consumption and increase of biodiversity etc.
  • Development and demonstration/testing of innovative technologies, know-how and services in an interdisciplinary and organizational cooperation to develop new markets in and outside Denmark
  • Development and demonstration/implementation of innovative methods for the benefit of business and society's capacity for innovation based on climate adaptation of Danish cities

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