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University of Copenhagen

University of Copenhagen


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Air pollution

With over 37,000 students and more than 7,000 employees, the University of Copenhagen is the largest institution of research and education in Denmark.

To meet the global challenges of the 21st century, all faculties at the University, including experts in law, economy, health, social, and natural science, are engaged in high quality sustainability research. Most importantly, our researchers join forces in cross-disciplinary networks, outreach initiatives and educational programmes based on the philosophy that all disciplines are required to produce truly sustainable solutions.

The Sustainability Science Centre is the University’s one-stop-shop from where this knowledge is facilitated to businesses, the public and decision makers. Through strategic partnerships the centre is able to offer a unique combination of knowledge-transfer that suits specific needs and incorporates both social, economic, and cultural aspects together with the technical challenges of a sustainable future.

The University’s focus areas for sustainability research include global stewardship and public engagement; human-Earth system interactions; the development of new technologies with consideration of social drivers and barriers; and the cultural, climatic and resource driven development of the Arctic and Greenland.

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With more than 4.800 researchers employed at the University of Copenhagen, experts within all scientific fields are represented. Research takes place in various environments ranging from the plant world of the Botanical Gardens, through high-technology laboratories to historical museum collections. Please search our database for information on researchers, publications and subjects.

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