The ever-lasting energy source – power from the sun

The principle behind PV is simple. Sunlight is converted into electricity by photovoltaic solar cells; semiconductor devices, which contain no liquids, corrosive chemicals or moving parts. A solar cell solution has numerous environmental benefits: it does not pollute, it is silent and it requires little maintenance. PV is a mature technology and the global prices have dropped approx. 70 percent since 2010. PV is also a technology that can be implemented regardless of context and in Denmark, thousands of private households, industries and office buildings have integrated photovoltaics. In 2017, PV contributed with approx. 3 percent of the Danish electricity consumption.

We invite you to explore photovoltaic related solutions in more depth below, find potential partners, catch up on the latest photovoltaic news and discover real-life case examples of how photovoltaics can help solve your energy issues.

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