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About IPU P/S

We are an elite team of international specialists, focused on developing advanced product and process technology for leading technology based companies.


Founded: 1956

Employees: 11-50

HQ: Virum

Organisation type: Company


Circular building materials

Circular value chains

District cooling

Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency in industry


IPU can assist you developing sustainable technology through state-of-the-art knowledge within material-, product- and process technology and by systematically incorporating ecodesign in your projects and R&D department.

Ecodesign includes consideration of environmental issues in the product development process aiming to minimize environmental impacts by systematically selecting sustainable designs, materials, and processes as well as incorporation of product attributes enabling circular economy.

IPU have created environmental value in addition to traditional product requirements by using ecodesign during R&D for the last 25 years in a broad range of industries e.g., MedTech, machinery, construction, transportation, plastics, waste handling, consumer products industries.

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