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Solar energy




BeGreen: A 360 degree sustainability approach to energy development

1. February 2024

Solution provider


BeGreen develops and builds solar parks for the production of certified green energy in Denmark, Sweden, Poland and Germany. We do this with a 360 degree approach to sustainability in all of our projects from cradle to grave.

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BeGreen addresses the challenge of a global need for sustainable energy solutions. As the demand for energy increases exponentially in the foreseeable future, BeGreen wish to be part of the solution for greener and more affordable energy.


BeGreen develop, build, and maintain large-scale solar parks in Denmark, Sweden, Germany and Poland. We do this with a 360-degree approach to sustainability in all of our projects from cradle to grave, taking all aspects into account from biodiversity and groundwater protection to a strong commitment to contribute in a positive way to the local communities we operate in, as well as maintaining sustainable agricultural production on the farmlands we lease.


To date, BeGreen has built 9 utility-scale solar parks in Denmark with a total annual energy production of 650 GWh. This is the equivalent of the annual energy consumption of 200.000 people. Similarly, the parks help reduce carbon emissions by 330.000 tons CO2e per year.