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Green hydrogen


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4 GW Energy Park with integrated co-benefits and local ownership

20. March 2024
Megaton green hydrogen project

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GreenGo Energy Group

GreenGo Energy was founded in 2011 with the vision to accelerate the conversion to renewable energy generation, by an innovative and scalable business model. GreenGo Energy’s 360-degree full services platform includes project origination, investment structuring, development, offtake, EPC management and asset management services, fully tailored and bespoke to our client’s needs and their investment profile.

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To achieve its CO2 reduction goals by 2030, Denmark is tasked with innovating to decarbonise its entire economy and maximise resource-efficiency. Producing green fuels to lower emissions in hard-to-electrify sectors is key to reaching a zero-carbon economy. This requires a sophisticated electrolysis process, which requires not only significant scale, but also demands constant and dependable green energy sources throughout the year. Moreover, the development of such large-scale renewable energy projects can significantly affect local communities, making their support essential for project success.

In the ambitious Danish Megaton project, 4 GW of renewable energy from solar and wind to produce green hydrogen will be combined through a 2 GW electrolyser facility, generating 1 million tons of green fuels annually by 2030.

Visualisation of the Megaton project

Credit: GreenGo Energy Group

Megaton green hydrogen project


The Megaton Energy Park, currently under development by GreenGo Energy represents a holistic and integrated approach to these challenges. Estimated to be fully implemented  by 2031 concurrent with the commissioning of the North Sea tender wind farms, the project will combine 4 GW of solar and wind power with an up to 2 GW electrolysis facility to produce over 1 million tons of green fuels annually. Located in an area close to the North Sea the project is ideally situated for the provision of offshore wind power.

The project is to be implemented in two phases:

  • Phase 1 with 200 MW onshore wind and 200 MW solar with an up to 200 MW electrolysis
  • Phase 2 with 1,800 MW offshore wind from the North Sea Tender Wind Farms to be matched with around 1,800 MW solar with and up to 1,800 electrolysis

Optimising the use and production of resources to the fullest

The Megaton project reimagines every production stage to incorporate circularity principles thoroughly to save resources and maximise production sustainability. This includes the operational use of 7MT of purified wastewater in the electrolysis process, minimising the need of freshwater resources. To produce e-fuels, carbon will be captured from local biogas producers, contributing to a circular carbon cycle. Part of the surplus heat of more than  2 TWh will be able to contribute to the local district heating system, ensuring a green and affordable heat supply for the long-term benefit of a large part of the municipality’s citizens. Surplus heat and green power from the portfolio of new wind and solar parks are also intended to be used for new industries in the area such as greenhouses and vertical farming on an industrial scale.

Local ownership and cooperation as the basis of project planning

The Megaton project will extend its innovation to community engagement and sustainability. A central element of GreenGo Energy’s strategy is fostering local ownership, empowering residents to invest in and benefit from the project’s success. GreenGo Energy is actively involving the local communities in its planning phases, addressing their input and concerns. This collaborative approach has e.g., led to plans for using surplus soil from construction to create a landscaped terrain that enhances local biodiversity with spruce, pine, grass, and wildflowers, and conceals the Energy Park. Recreational plans for the community include nature trails, mountain bike paths, and playgrounds.

The Megaton projects

The 4 GW Energy Park is set to produce more than 200,000 tons of green hydrogen per year.

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With a projected total investment of approximately DKK 60 billion (around 8 billion EUR), s, the financial commitment underscores the project’s scale and potential impact.

The Megaton project’s 4GW solar and wind parks are set to generate 11.5 TWh of green power annually, accounting for over 30% of Denmark’s total current power consumption. The majority of this, more than 85%, will be directly utilised within the Megaton Energy Park to produce green fuels.

Moreover, the initiative is expected at full scale to generate around  300 permanent local jobs, stemming not only from the Energy Park itself, but also from the renewable energy projects and new companies created to leverage by-products like surplus heat. This demonstrates the project’s role not just in environmental sustainability, but also in economic development and job creation within the local community.