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Arkitema Architects

Arkitema Architects


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Energy efficiency in buildings

Arkitema Architects is a leading Danish architectural practice. We work in all scales in the field of architecture, planning and product design. At Arkitema we believe in sustainability. And not just as a slogan called forth by the present circumstances – we have worked with sustainability as a central dogma ever since the practice was founded back in 1969, and we continue to develop and learn within this area. Today, we have no problem designing buildings that are both competitive AND sustainable – our goal is for the two concepts to form a synthesis in the future, when sustainability will be an essential element in all architectural work.

Our environmental policy extends to recommending which environmental influences we fundamentally believe should be considered during a construction project. When, by agreement with the client, we carry out sustainable project planning, the analysis undertaken can identify further relevant focus areas.

In our experience, the best and most sustainable results are achieved by focusing on a number of clear environmental goals in each individual project. Accordingly, we attempt to identify a number of lucid focus points at an early stage in the project planning, for which we subsequently draw up sustainability goals. This occurs after a brief analysis phase, and in close dialogue with the project's stakeholders.

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