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Energy efficiency in buildings

Solar energy



13. November 2012

Solution provider

Arkitema Architects
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Vibeengskolen is a school project which must accommodate 500 pupils at primary schools and intermediate level. The primary goal and focus is to integrate sustainability and pedagogy in a low-energy school in Energy Class One.

The varying roof landscape optimize the opportunities both for the installation of solar panels and the north-facing apertures. All of these are active measures which are helping to ensure a low energy school.

The school is designed from the inside and out. To ensure this feature we have designed the school in the shape of a star. A shape that organizes the different functions and activities, and furthermore creates the central gathering point - the heart of the shcool. This room both works as arrival, assembly and distribution space for all of the activities at the shcool.

The school will combine sustainability and pedagogy and create an optimal setting for new learing. The school will be completed in 2013.