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Energy efficiency in buildings


Viby Syd, Rosenhøj

13. November 2012

Solution provider

Arkitema Architects
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Here is a sustainable solution to Danish homes' high energy consumption. In Rosenhøj, Viby South, Europe's largest solar park will appear on the roofs of future apartment blocks. The solar panels will produce energy for all a total of 900 homes and still have energy left over for other district users.

For residents of Rosenhøj, this means that the "roofplant" will produce all the energy consumed for hot water and make a significant contribution to the common electricity consumption. Here it is expected that residents will not have to pay for such as lighting of outdoor areas and basements - it will be paid by the roofs own energy production!

The roof surface is a small power plant, which will be the largest of its kind with solar panels of the equivalent to three football fields, expects annual production approx. 5,680 MWh, which corresponds to the consumption of approx. 1,100 homes.

At the same time, there will be an annual CO2 reduction of approx. 738 tonnes. In addition, it will provide a small part of the other districts heating consumption.