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The Maintenance-free House

14. November 2013

Solution provider

Arkitema Architects
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The Maintenance-free House is a simple, wooden house. A house where the facade and roof is covered with glass. The glass works as a building envelope around the tree house and is simultaneously a large integrated solar panel on the building.

The Maintenance-free House is both architectural and in construction a new version of the historic Danish wing-house. In the modern version the roof has been turned into a glass-skin that covers the whole house, and as a building envelope affording effective protection of the organic and biodegradable materials.

Inside, the house is very simple and symmetrically arranged with two rooms in each end of the house. Furthermore the house contains a central core with bathroom and technical room, which splits the open common room into a dining area and a sitting area.

By having a lifetime of 150 years, and not requiring any maintenance for the first 50 years, the house is saving as much CO2 as it would take to build up to three new houses.

The house is built on bases made of concrete. Also it is raised 25 cm above the ground with a surrounding moat. That way the house will not be affected by the increasing rainfall in the future. The house can be constructed in less than 2 weeks.