New Publication: Smart Distribution Grids Power Europe’s Transition to Green Energy

By State of Green , May 10, 2017

Distribution System Operators (DSOs) will need – even more than today – to be the flexible backbone of the electricity system, dealing with both fluctuating production and flexible consumption at the same time.

Our new publication, made in collaboration with the Danish Energy Association, puts the spotlight on how distribution networks enable the ongoing green transition of the energy system to take place.

Traditionally, electricity flows have gone downstream from the transmission grid to the distribution grid, but today as much as 50 per cent of the electricity produced in Denmark flows directly into the distribution grid to find the consumers without ever reaching the transmission grid. This share is expected to increase.

We have seen a transition from centralised fossil fuelled power plants to more dispersed generation from wind turbines and solar power. The transition has impacts on the entire energy system and not least on the electricity distribution grid, which is being tested and challenged by the new energy flows.

New technology combined with the ongoing digitalisation provides new possibilities, and work is done to make electricity markets even more transparent, flexible and consumer friendly.

But how do we make the most of the new possibilities and create the highest possible value for both consumers and the energy system as a whole? How do we ensure that necessary and efficient investments are made? And what role should the DSOs play in order to enable and ensure a smooth transition to a renewable energy system and on the same time act as neutral market facilitators?

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A new DSO magazine has been published to address these questions by exploring the current and future role of the Danish DSOs in the European energy system. Made in collaboration with the Danish Energy Association, the content highlights cases, facts and perspectives on Decentralisation, Meters & Data, Customers and Innovation.

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