Danish Water Technology can Help Drought-Ridden USA

By State of Green, 28 Sep 2016

During the next years, Americans will invest billions in water technology. Danish companies are ready to help and share decades of experiences within water management.

Prohibition on watering lawns, drinking water leakages and old, worn-out treatment plants is the reality in many U.S. states such as Texas, Florida and California, which are currently experiencing major problems with both drought and water loss.

As a solution to the problem, the US Environmental Protection Agency will invest more than USD 600 billion in new technology by 2030. Today, the Danish crown Prince and the Danish Minister of Environment and Food will meet policy makers from the House of Representatives in Washington D.C, where the focus will be on Danish water technology that may end up being exported.

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-In less than 10 years, exports to the United States almost doubled, which means that the Americans are aware of the Danish competencies within water technology. Denmark must focus on this potential to give the Danish water companies a favourable hand. Therefore, I look forward to strike a blow for Danish water technology in the House of Representatives together with the Crown Prince, says the Esben Lunde Larsen, the Minister of Environment and Food.

One of the specific challenges in the USA is when valuable drinking water is lost during transportation from water plants to consumers. 25 % of the water is lost because of damaged pipes, and in Philadelphia the water loss has reached 40 %. In comparison, the level of non-revenue water in Denmark is 8 % nationally and in Copenhagen and Odense it is down to 5%.

The export to United States continues to grow
From 2006 to 2015, Danish exports of water technologies to the United States grew from DKK 620 million to more than DKK 1.1 billion. This corresponds to an increase of 81%. From 2014 to 2015, exports increased by 24 %, this is according to the figures from the research company DAMVAD, who made an Export Analysis for the Ministry of Environment and Food in Denmark.

-Danish companies are definitely among the leaders in the field of water technology. Our companies manufacture products that ensure low levels of non-revenue water, and equipment that uses the minimum amount energy. This is something the US market is demanding at the moment. In the Confederation of Danish Industry, we are very happy for this export promotion opportunity and to show the variety of high-tech solutions that the Danish companies have developed for the water and wastewater sector, says the director of the Confederation of Danish Industry, Tine Roed.

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The Danish water sector has, together with the Ministry of Environment and Food, initiated a shared water vision, which aims to double the exports of Danish water technology towards 2025. The water industry estimates that, if the export grows from DKK 15 billion in 2013 to DKK 30 billion in 2025, then the industry can create up to 4,000 new jobs.

Facts about the Danish export of water technology

  • In 2015, the export of Danish water technology was around DKK 16.8 billion, which was an increase of approximately DKK 900 million compared to 2014 which is an increase of approximately 6%. The improvement is nearly three times more than the general export growth which is about 2.1 %. 
  • Denmark is the second best in Europe, if you look at how much water technology represents of total exports. Italy is in first place, while Germany is in third place.
  • Among the largest export markets for Danish water technology are countries like Germany, Sweden, USA, Norway and China as well as countries like South Africa, Vietnam and Kenya.
  • It is companies such as; Kamstrup, which manufactures advanced water meters, Grundfos, which produces energy efficient pumps, and Sky-Tem, who makes mapping of the subsurface, that now benefit from the the American investments in sewage treatment plants, groundwater mapping and waterworks. 

Source: Ministry of Environment and Food

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