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Water Resources

Water is a scarce but essential resource that needs to be addressed in an integrated fashion in order to accommodate all sectors of society as well as nature.

Ensuring water security in all sectors
Securing enough fresh water for all sectors in a sustainable way and protecting water resources from pollution is critical in a time of increasing population growth, industrial production and a changing climate. An integrated approach to water resource management and efficient methods for mapping and management of the available water resources are part of the solution.

Efficient methods and tools for groundwater management
There is approx. 100 times more groundwater on Earth than fresh surface water, so it makes sense to exploit this source of high quality water. Denmark has always relied heavily on groundwater and has developed efficient advanced airborne geophysical mapping methods, modelling technologies and monitoring systems that ensure groundwater management can be achieved sustainably.

Danish expertise in implementing IWRM
Denmark has pioneered the development of International Water Resource Management concepts, principles and on-the-ground application with Danish water professionals facilitating an international, technical consultative process. In Denmark, water resources management is handled in a partnership with the private sector where consulting companies carry out most of the complex studies.


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