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Denmark offers expertise in wastewater treatment through know-how, technology and solutions.

Future challenges
The main challenges today include addressing the impacts of climate change with increasing temperatures and more concentrated, heavy rain. In addition, water scarcity and population growth underline the importance of treating and understanding the value of wastewater.

From sewer to harbour bath
The Danish wastewater treatment system is characterized by advanced technology and effective treatment plants. In the capital of Copenhagen, the harbour has been transformed from being badly polluted, due to the city’s old sewage system and local industry, to a recreational area clean enough to swim in.

Danish expertise in wastewater treatment
Wastewater treatment is an area where Denmark offers expertise and is acclaimed internationally for its in-depth know-how, technology and solutions. The first national wastewater plan was passed back in 1976 and today wastewater is handled by around 1,400 water treatment plants before it is released back into nature.



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