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Efficient and safe drinking water in cities

A sustainable and liveable city requires safe, efficient and sufficient drinking water supply. While growing populations challenge the supply of sufficient clean drinking water for cities around the world, the Danish model for urban water supply may offer inspiration on how to supply high-quality water in a transparent and democratic manner.

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Discover publications on water supply

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Efficient and safe drinking water in cities

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Water is a scarce resource under increasing pressure. According to the UN, global water consumption will increase by 30 % by 2030 due to population growth and increased wealth. A safe, reliable, and efficient water supply is pivotal for flourishing communities, human health, ecological nature, development, and growth. 

Safe, efficient, and reliable water supply through proper water management 

Water consumption in Denmark comes entirely from clean, safe, and drinkable groundwater – even tap water is not chlorinated. Denmark’s water consumption has been reduced by almost 40 % since 1980 even though the GDP has grown by 75 % during the same period. Agriculture and industry account for nearly two-thirds of the total water consumption in Denmark. Significant reductions, especially in the processing industries, have reduced the sectors’ water footprint. 

Thanks to a highly efficient distribution system, bacteria, and other impurities are minimised and water loss in pipelines has been reduced to less than 8 % 

Energy-efficient water systems have reduced the energy needed for water treatment and distribution, contributing to lower carbon emissions. An increasing share of renewable energy sources in the Danish energy mix has contributed to lowering the carbon footprint of the Danish water sector further.  

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Partnerships for safe water supply 

Access to reliable and clean water supply is crucial for economic development and significantly enhances public health by reducing waterborne diseases and supporting hygiene practices. Danish authorities and private companies collaborate with partners around the world to support the development of a secure water supply in vulnerable communities. 

Equitable water distribution promotes social stability and prevents conflicts over resources. In agriculture, reliable water access increases productivity and food security. A good water supply improves the quality of life, making education more accessible and reducing time spent on water collection. It also helps protect the environment by minimizing pollution and conserving water resources.  

Moreover, resilient water supply systems are vital for adapting to climate change effects like droughts and floods, ensuring continuous access during extreme weather events. This commitment to water supply supports sustainable development goals related to clean water, sanitation, health, and sustainable communities, laying the foundation for a sustainable future. 

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Climate change adaptation


Strategic Water Sector Cooperation between Denmark and Morocco

27 October 2022
The Danish Ministry of Environment is together with The Danish Environmental Protection Agency (National Water Authority) in charge of the cooperation with the Ministry of Equipment and Water as the local partner in Morocco. Morocco is a suffering from water scarcity partly due to climate change. Th

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Water management



22 January 2009
We are a global water technology company committed to pioneering solutions to the world’s water and climate challenges and improving the quality of life for people.





18 February 2009
We are a value-driven, multi-disciplinary engineering consultancy fundamentally committed to sustainable progress and service delivery.


Carbon capture, storage and utilisation



16 November 2009
Solving the world’s water challenges is not easy. But it is a challenge we take on every day. DHI is a digitally-enabled advisory company working with water in all its forms.


Air pollution



28 January 2009
We provide state-of-the-art services within engineering, environmental science and economics with due consideration for the environment and society.


Energy recovery from wastewater



26 September 2012
AVK develop and produce valves, hydrants and accessories for water and gas distribution, sewage treatment and fire protection.


Air pollution



30 January 2009
Ramboll is a leading international architecture, engineering, and consultancy company, owned by the Ramboll Foundation.





19 January 2009


Non-revenue water


Leif Koch

11 February 2014
The leading experts for reducing non-revenue water in Scandinavia.


Climate change adaptation


Aarhus Vand A/S

10 December 2013
We have extensive knowledge of the operation of various facilities, establishment of organisations, analysis, tendering, planning, project management, training and commissioning of facilities.


Climate change adaptation



8 September 2013
HOFOR - Greater Copenhagen Utility is the largest utility company in Denmark. One million Danes depend on our supplies. The company is owned by 8 municipalities, and the City of Copenhagen owns 73 per cent of the company.





12 July 2012
EnviDan specializes in environmental solutions within water resources, water supply, climate, energy and waste water. EnviDan has been on the market since 1995, and has build up an significant experience and knowledge in the environmental sector.

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Wastewater management


Unlocking the potential of wastewater

15 July 2024
Using wastewater as a resource while protecting people and ecosystems.
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