Danish partnerships strengthen global climate efforts with emergency relief biscuits, secure water supply and sustainable fashion

P4G – Partnering for Green Growth and the Global Goals 2030 

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P4G is a international initiative supported by nations, businesses, international organisations, academia and civil society. The objective of P4G is to accelerate the implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals through market driven green solutions and public-private partnerhsips.

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By P4G – Partnering for Green Growth and the Global Goals 2030 , May 19, 2020

Protein-rich biscuits used in emergency relief and clean drinking water in desert areas of Kenya. These are among the innovative solutions from partnerships supported by P4G, which this year supports 19 new partnerships, five of them with Danish participation.

19 global partnerships have just received support from P4G – Partnerships for Green Growth and the Global Goals 2030. Among the new partnerships, five have Danish participation. The Danish partners include, among others, DanChurchAid, Arla Foods Ingredients, Grundfos and Novozymes.

“When private business acts as smoothly and constructively as here, we ensure that we achieve the UN’s global goals much faster and better. At the same time, we get the full benefit of NGOs’ local knowledge and networks. These strong partnerships are invigorating and inspiring examples to follow. I hope even more come along. Partnerships like these are simply so important and crucial to the future,” says Rasmus Prehn, Danish Minister of Development Cooperation.


Emergency aid biscuits for refugee camps

In Ethiopia, a new biscuit recipe is to be developed that, with a high protein content, can help strengthen the food security of vulnerable populations, primarily in refugee camps and poor urban areas. The recipe is developed in a partnership between DanChurchAid, Arla Foods Ingredients and Novozymes, among others.

“The nutritious biscuits are to be produced and distributed locally. In this way, the partnership helps to ensure better nutrition and create local jobs. In particular, this will benefit populations in refugee camps and vulnerable urban areas,” Birgitte Qvist-Sørensen, General Secretary, DanChurchAid.

The partnership ‘Sustainable Food Partnership’ was initially supported by P4G in 2018. With the good results, the partnership has now received $500,000 to scale of the project.


Secure water supply to Kenya’s desert areas

Another partnership that has received support from P4G is between Grundfos, Oxfam and the Kenyan water authorities. The partnership is in its start-up phase. However, as it takes hold, the people of desert and arid lands in Kenya can look forward to easier access to clean drinking water. The aim of the partnership is to improve water supply and reduce water leaks.

“We’re excited to join forces with an organization of Oxfam’s capabilities and vision; we believe in the power of people and only through bold partnerships and collaboration will we make water work and find new and sustainable solutions to the world’s biggest challenge,” said Pia Yasuko Rask, Director of Safe Water at Grundfos.

The partnership’s target is to secure water supply for 240,000 Kenyans by reducing non-revenue water by 15 percent, increasing the life of water networks from an average of eight to twelve years, and halving the number of downtime in the water supply.


A greener global value chain

A third sustainable problem that a P4G partnership with Danish participation will address is the CO2-heavy textile industry. The Circular Fashion Agenda partnership received USD 450,000 from P4G to make circular economy a cornerstone of the global textile industry. The fashion industry giants will work together to find the best textile recycling solutions.

The partnership includes some of the biggest brands in the global fashion industry and has previously been hailed as a State-of-the-Art partnership by P4G.

A further two partnerships with Danish participation have been supported by P4G. One to meet the shipping industry’s goal of zero emission with, among other things, a. Global Maritime Forum and Maersk in the circle. The other partnership aims to reduce the climate impact of food waste on a global scale, where the Danish think tank OneThird participates.

P4G was initially launched by Denmark, South Korea, Chile, Ethiopia, Kenya, Mexico and Vietnam. Since then, Colombia, the Netherlands, Bangladesh, South Africa and Indonesia have joined P4G. In addition, a number of leading global organizations are partners in P4G including the World Resources Institute, the C40 Cities, the UN Global Compact, the Global Green Growth Institute, the International Finance Corporation and the World Economic Forum.


Photo credit: Casey Schackow

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