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Energinet.dk connects people and energy
Can more than half of the Danish electricity come from wind? Can biogas freely float in the transmission network and merge with natural gas? Yes, in 2013 and 2014, there have been several months, during which the Danish wind turbines have produced the equivalent of more than half of the Danish electricity consumption and the number is growing. And yes, the big biogas plants shoot up now and will soon send green gas into the transmission grid.

Own and operate the energy motorways
Energinet.dk is the Danish Transmission System Operator and is responsible for the Danish security of supply of electricity and gas. We own and operate in other words, the energy motorways. At the same time, we ensure that the infrastructure will be developed to suit a future with more renewable energy.

One of the highest supply security
From our controlroom, we are responsible for the Danes always having access to power and gas. Denmark has one of the highest supply of energy security and Energinet.dk believe that tomorrow’s energy solutions increasingly need to be addressed internationally, in an open market electricity and gas could flow freely across borders when there are plentiful in one country and a need in other countries.

Developing the energy systems of the future
Energinet.dk support research and development of renewable energy, and we do analysis of future energy systems. Integration of electricity, gas, heat and transport sectors will be crucial to the goal that 50 percent of Danish electricity consumption in 2020 will come from wind power, and the ambition that Denmark in 2050 will have a low carbon energy system.

What we do
Energinet.dk is an independent public company under the Ministry for Climate, Energy and Building and play a major role in the endeavours to respond to the climate changes by increasing the amount of environment-friendly energy:

  • We develop and expand the Danish electricity and gas systems to be able to integrate an increasing amount of renewable energy such as wind power, solar power and biogas into the electricity and gas grids.
  • We support research and development in environment-friendly power generation.
  • We administer the public funds for wind turbines and other generators of environment-friendly electricity.
  • We support research and development in how the natural gas grid can be used to transport renewable energy in the form of biogas, for example.

In this link  you can see the actually power supply in Denmark right now.

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