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31. January 2024

Polish-Danish energy tie-up: Tangible ways to double down on energy efficiency in Poland and the rest of Europe

Poland and Denmark's collaboration paves the way for green growth and new business opportunities between the countries. Explore energy-efficient solutions and start the journey today.
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Poland and Denmark have a strong bond and a rich history of partnerships. With strong trade relations between the two nations, and the high demand for products, solutions and services within energy efficiency, the way is paved for Polish-Danish partnerships that can accelerate the transformation towards modernising energy-heavy industries and improving building standards in Poland.

Standing on the shoulders of a 50-year-old legacy, Danish companies are experts in designing solutions and technologies to accelerate energy efficiency across sectors. This includes everything from reducing energy usage and waste in energy-heavy industries to the expansion of district heating networks throughout cities, as well as ensuring energy-efficient standards and high-quality renovations of older buildings.

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