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The Polish-Danish energy tie-up

The official visit to Poland is led by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark.

Poland and Denmark have a strong bond and a rich history of partnerships. With strong trade relations between the two nations, and the high demand for products, solutions and services within energy efficiency, the way is paved for Polish-Danish partnerships that can accelerate the transformation towards modernising energy-heavy industries and improving building standards in Poland.

Standing on the shoulders of a 50-year-old legacy, Danish companies are experts in designing solutions and technologies to accelerate energy efficiency across sectors. This includes everything from reducing energy usage and waste in energy-heavy industries to the expansion of district heating networks throughout cities, as well as ensuring energy-efficient standards and high-quality renovations of older buildings.

Find inspiration from green solutions and connect with Danish solution providers below.

Polish-Danish Energy tie-up: Tangible ways to double down on energy efficiency in Poland and the rest of Europe

We have gathered all you need to know about Poland and Denmark's green partnership, and brought together inspiring energy efficient solutions in this free publication.

Insights and perspectives

Sound of Green: Designing for sustainability in buildings

Pursuing energy efficient buildings is crucial in the journey towards sustainable societies – both environmentally, economically, and socially. This episode of Sound of Green takes a deep-dive on energy efficiency in the building stock.
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Energy efficiency: The hidden key to overcome energy poverty and reaching climate goals

Learn how energy efficiency can combat energy poverty and accelerate a just, green transition. Find our Polish white paper on "Energy renovation of buildings" and discover the report "Energy poverty: The role of energy efficiency in the fight against energy poverty".
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Denmark's journey to decarbonise its buildings through energy efficiency

Denmark is leading the way in combining functionality with recreational value and sustainability in buildings. Get a introduction to the ambitions, policies and initiatives, that helps drive energy-efficiency in buildings forward in Denmark.
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Grundfos logo


Grundfos is a global water technology company committed to pioneering solutions to the world’s water and climate challenges, fighting to improve the quality of life for people around the world.
Discover Grundfos


Rockwool transform volcanic rock into stone wool and our products contribute to address many of society’s biggest climate change challenges.
Discover Rockwool


VELUX Group creates better indoor environments by bringing daylight and fresh air into homes and other buildings all over the world.
Discover Velux

Linka Group

LINKA GROUP are among the world’s leaders in biomass plants and smaller waste-based plants. We are specialists in the development and optimization of environmentally friendly forms of energy based on biofuel and waste.
Discover Linka Group
Copenhagen Atomics Logo

Copenhagen Atomics

Copenhagen Atomics are driving innovation by building a new energy supply for the world that is scalable and deployable, to change the current energy mix away from fossil fuels.
Discover Copenhagen Atomics

BEC Financial Technologies

BEC is a full-service Danish IT house, with more than 50 years’ experience developing and operating IT for the financial sector.
Discover BEC

European Energy

European Energy develops and builds wind and solar parks as well as energy storage solutions.
Discover European Energy

Lantmannen Unibake

Lantmannen Unibake backery, has a great focus on creating development and change. This applies not least in relation to their efforts around sustainability.
Discover Lantmannen Unibake


EIFO is Denmark's national business promotion bank and Denmark's official export credit institution in one and the same financial institution.
Discover EIFO

Eryk Group

International technical service provider in electrical & mechanical installations, engineering, commissioning and more.
Discover Eryk


Energinet is an independent public enterprise owned by the Danish Ministry of Climate, Energy and Utilities. We own, operate and develop the transmission systems for electricity and natural gas in Denmark.
Discover Energinet


Novozymes create new, visionary biosolution products that can shape markets and benefit society.
Discover Novozymes

Kingspan LOGSTOR

LOGSTOR plays an important role in reducing relative energy consumption, and in developing an energy society that counterfights CO2 emission and has no negative impact on our environment.
Discover Kingspan LOGSTOR

Novo Nordisk Pharma

Novo Nordisk’s is a global leader when it comes to fight diabetes and other serious chronic diseases such as obesity, and rare blood and rare endocrine diseases.
Discover Novo Nordisk


Ramboll is a leading engineering, design and consultancy company. The company employs more than 16,500 experts globally and has especially strong representation in the Nordics, UK, North America, Continental Europe, Middle East and Asia-Pacific.
Discover Ramboll


Ørsted is a global leader within green energy, contributing to transforming the world’s energy systems from fossil based to carbon neutral sources of energy.
Discover Ørsted

Better Energy

Better Energy is a solar energy development company based in Denmark. The company builds solar systems that deliver affordable, reliable, clean energy to a variety of public and private entities.
Discover Better Energy


Danfoss engineers advanced technologies that enable us to build a better, smarter and more efficient tomorrow.
Discover Danfoss

Ennogie Solar Group

Ennogie Solar Group is a green growth company that develops, manufactures and sells building-integrated solar roofs and energy systems.
Discover Ennogie Solar Group

GEA Refigeration / GEA Westfalia

GEA is one of the world's largest suppliers of systems and components to the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries.
Discover GEA


ISS (International Service System) is a global leader in facility services, offering smart, integrated and sustainable solutions for various industries and locations
Discover ISS A/S


Kamstrup is a world-leading supplier of intelligent energy and water metering solutions.
Discover Kamstrup

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