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Elevating water efficiency at Tauron Arena in Kraków

8. January 2024

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One of Europe’s largest indoor arenas, Tauron Arena Kraków, is a brightly lit, spaceship-looking building, which hosts concerts, figure skating, extreme sports, martial arts, trade fairs and more near the centre of Kraków, Poland.

The arena opened in 2014 and can host up to between 15,000 to 22,000 visitors at events. This proposes various demands to ensure comfort and safety for the visitors. Moreover, maintaining accessibility to all water points, especially during packed events, poses a specific demand for optimal pump performance, so that guests can be able to take advantage of the entire water and heating systems of the arena.


Tauron Arena in Kraków, Poland

Kraków Arena saves energy with pumps from Grundfos


To tackle these challenges, the designers of the arena teamed up with Grundfos, which supplied and implemented water pumps throughout the arena.

Grundfos Multi Hydro-E booster system, MAGNA3 circulators and TPE3 pumps were chosen to optimise water flow and supply while enhancing energy efficiency and saving space at the same time. Furthermore, the implementation of data monitoring through Grundfos Go mobile app on tablets, streamlines pump monitoring and data management, providing a comprehensive system overview for the arena. The integrated monitoring system, connecting to the building management and local control systems, significantly improves operational efficiency.

“The monitoring system encompasses the connection to the building management system and a local system based on mobile apps. This enables a direct reading of the pumps’ technical parameters. This, in turn, saves us considerable time and energy, which is essential for the entire workings of the hall.” Krystian Sobota, Director of Technical Services, Tauron Arena Kraków.


During packed events, where seamless functionality is non-negotiable, Grundfos provides full specifications and technical parameters to ensure optimal performance of water and HVAC systems. Beyond reliability, these pumps contribute to considerable energy savings, a critical factor during large-scale events that demand efficient water usage.

Implementation of the water pumps not only reduces energy consumption but also translates into substantial cost savings and minimised maintenance efforts. With Grundfos pumps, the Tauron Arena Kraków experiences a seamless blend of optimal performance, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness.



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