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Energy efficiency in buildings

Securing safety and comfort in the grand Europejski Hotel

12. May 2023

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At ROCKWOOL, we transform volcanic rock into stone wool and our products contribute to address many of society’s biggest climate change challenges, creating new opportunities to enrich modern living and build safer, healthier, and more climate resilient communities.

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The renovation of Raffles Europejski Warsaw, also known as Hotel Europejski, was a massive undertaking aimed at restoring the historic building to its former glory while ensuring the ultimate safety and comfort of guests. The challenge was to find the perfect insulation material that could meet the building’s unique requirements and protect against fire, noise, and energy loss.


SUD Architects opted for ROCKWOOL Superrock, Toprock Super and Rockfon insulation materials to insulate the roof and ceilings of the building. These materials were chosen because they are made of stone wool, which can withstand temperatures above 1000°C, preventing fire from spreading onto subsequent floors and increasing the time available for evacuating guests while also protecting the building.

Additionally, stone wool provides perfect insulation against interior sounds and exterior traffic noise, contributing to the overall feeling of luxury in the hotel. The inherent insulation properties of ROCKWOOL products also ensure energy savings for decades to come, retaining their thermal properties for at least 60 years and having excellent dimensional stability.


Hotel Europejski now boasts restored 109,000 m² of space, including 106 hotel rooms, 3,000 m² of luxurious retail space, and 7,000 m² of offices. The stone wool insulation materials used in the renovation provide a peaceful and luxurious atmosphere for guests and employees, while also ensuring their safety in the event of a fire. The insulation materials will also provide energy savings for decades to come, making the renovation a smart and sustainable investment for the future.