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The world’s longest power cable is switched on, connecting Denmark and the UK with green energy

Ending the year on a high note, Denmark and the UK inaugurated the Viking Link on December 29 2023, a 756 km long power cable enabling green energy to flow across the North Sea via the world's longest interconnector.

On one of the last days of 2023, commercial operations started on the world’s longest land and subsea interconnector; the Viking Link. Stretching a record 756 km across the North Sea, connecting the energy systems of Denmark and the UK, Viking Link is now ready to exchange green electricity between the countries.

The project, which is a partnership between the British National Grid and the Danish System Operator, Energinet, enables surplus energy generated from wind turbines and solar cells to be exchanged and not go to waste, providing access to a broader energy mix for both Denmark and the UK. The interconnectors provide an effective way to manage fluctuations in supply and demand, thus supporting the use of renewable energy.

Viking Link also plays a crucial role in EU’s strategy to secure energy supply, with the interconnector increasing the security of electricity supplies in both Denmark and Great Britain.

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“To create a power connection between Denmark and England is a colossal achievement, with Viking Link being the world’s longest cable connection. However, the connection also holds tremendous significance for the future of an entirely green electricity system. We ensure that the green electrons generated from wind turbines and solar cells can be utilised and end up in consumers’ power outlets, while simultaneously ensuring a stable and affordable supply,” Thomas Egebo, CEO of Energinet.

Securing clean, reliable, and affordable energy between the UK and Denmark

Viking Link project started back in 2019 and has since involved the construction of converter sites and the installation of onshore and offshore cables in each country. These have since been connected to substations.

With a 1400 MW high voltage direct current (DC) electricity link, Viking Link connects the British and Danish transmission systems at Revsing substation in southern Jutland, Denmark, and at the Bicker Fen substation in Lincolnshire, England.

The interconnector will enable the more effective use of renewable energy, access to sustainable electricity generation and improved security of electricity supplies. It will benefit the socio-economy of both countries.

The Viking Link

  • Stretching 765 km, Viking Link is the world’s longest interconnector, enabling green energy to flow between the UK and Denmark.
  • The project is a joint venture between the National Grid from the UK and Danish System Operator, Energinet.
  • The Danish land cable has been supplied and installed by NKT. The cable is installed in sections of 1.5 kilometers on land, while on the seabed of the North Sea, it is installed in stretches of nearly 100 kilometres each, totalling seven rounds.
  • Viking Link can transport electricity for up to 2.5 million* homes
  • Expected to save approximately 600,000 tonnes of carbon emissions – equivalent to taking roughly 280,000 cars off the road.*


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