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South Korea visits Denmark to explore smart cities

Over recent decades, South Korea’s forward-thinking and tech-driven economy has stimulated both public and private investments into smart city development. As several new projects have an increased emphasis on Living Lab sites and citizen engagement, the country is looking to Denmark and the other Nordic countries for inspiration and solutions.

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Danish Living Labs for increased liveability

Smart energy solutions in Denmark are often developed through so-called Living Labs, where energy solutions are tested and developed in user-centred, transparent ecosystems. Through co-creation processes, cost-effective future smart energy systems that integrates multiple energy infrastructures are developed in real life - allowing citizens, public institutions and private actors alike to contribute to the development and exploration of emerging energy solutions.

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Exploring the process of smart solution co-creation

The main purpose of the visit was to learn how the Danish Livings Labs develop solutions through co-creation between citizens, researchers, businesses, and public authorities. One of the smart city challenges that the South Korea has been facing is the issue of developing solutions that meet the expectations of citizens with diverse ideas and opinions.

We want to learn about the process and the methods of seeking and solving the city challenges through citizen engagement. As smart city technology and citizen demands should be well-matched, we want to explore how Living Labs in Denmark manage and respond to the issues arising from the multiplicity of citizen backgrounds and opinions,” said Yong Jin Cho, Land & Housing Corporation, Smart City Development Office.

The delegation tour started in House of Green where the delegation was introduced to Living Lab cases, such as EnergyLab Nordhavn, one of Copenhagen’s full-scale smart city energy labs. It showcases how electricity and heating, energy-efficient buildings and electric transport can be integrated into an intelligent, flexible and optimized energy system.

The delegation later visited the 400 acre DOLL Living Lab in Albertslund, which demonstrates a wide range of technology and networking solutions that can contribute to better services for citizens in regards to light, waste management, and traffic flows.

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The delegation was in Denmark from 10-11 July and also paid visits to the City of Copenhagen, CBS, CLEAN, DAC and BIOFOS. The tour program was developed by the Innovation Centre Denmark in Seoul with support from State of Green.

Photos:  Innovation Centre Denmark in Seoul

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