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DOLL – A Photonic Green Lab

DOLL is the Photonics Green Lab of Denmark – a new platform for testing innovative and intelligent lighting solutions. The mission is to create a smooth transition from traditional light sources to intelligent and energy-efficient LED illuminates through private-public collaboration and high quality test facilities. DOLL’s focus areas are indoor and outdoor lighting, biological effects of lighting and Smart City-technologies.

The unique combination of three types of test facilities supply the needs from companies during phases of testing, development and documentation. DOLL is also an important partner for buyers, assisting them in qualifying and validating the different types of lighting solutions and thereby assisting decision-makers to ask the right questions and get the optimal solutions in a comprehensive perspective.

The three labs

  • Quality Lab: Facilitates, tests and characterises all aspects of artificial lighting from illuminates and lighting sockets to ensure quality.
  • Virtual Lab: Created to test, develop and validate lighting solutions in 3-D. Realistic renderings based on mathematical calculations enable manufacturers and advisors to include decision makers and users on an early stage of the process.
  • Living Lab: Offers a 1:1 experience of outdoor lightning, as companies engaged in intelligent lighting solutions and Smart City-technologies, display their products in a real urban space environment.

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