Promoting green growth and employment in Denmark

Our main objective is to support the green transition to create growth, innovation and increased turnovers for our member companies. We do this by developing, testing and implementing new green solutions in strong partnerships; solutions that will solve societal challenges related to climate and environment.

CLEAN acts as the main entry point for concrete business opportunities in Danish cleantech. We can provide international stakeholders with an overview of the Danish cleantech market, interesting projects and connections to key players.

With point of departure in the core strengths of the Danish cleantech eco-system, CLEAN’s projects and activities aim at:
– Strengthening innovation and technology development in large as well as small and medium-sized cleantech companies
– Supporting research, development and implementation of new green solutions that address climate and environmental challenges
Increasing the international focus on Danish cleantech, especially by promoting export of integrated solutions
CLEAN operates on the basis of a unique innovation model that turns vast societal challenges into new business opportunities. These demand-driven innovation platforms give way to sustainable solutions for the benefit of our members and society in general.
Short history
The result of a merger between the two national cluster organisations, Lean Energy Cluster and Copenhagen Cleantech Cluster, CLEAN is Denmark’s leading green cluster organisation with more than 170 members from the entire cleantech sector. We are a politically and technologically neutral platform where domestic and foreign companies, knowledge institutions and public authorities exchange knowledge and enter into new partnerships. This happens across industry boundaries as well as across the public and private sectors. The broad foundation of partners ensures that the initiative embraces the entire value chain.
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Primary contact
Henrik Bjørnager

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