House of Green

House of Green is an engaging showroom and visitors’ centre located in the heart of Copenhagen. At House of Green, we aim to facilitate dialogue and knowledge sharing between Danish and international stakeholders working towards the global green transition.

In the showroom, we provide guests with an introduction to the Danish approach to a more sustainable future and present examples of Danish solutions that can be utilised to make a tangible difference in solving global climate and environmental issues. Structured around four key thematic challenges, Circular Economy, Water, Cities and Energy, they play an essential role throughout the presentation.

When entering House of Green, visitors are welcomed by an exhibition, which highlights the similarities and differences between Denmark and the visiting country on a number of indicators. The aim is to create a dialogue and foster knowledge sharing between the host and visitor on how to solve global green challenges in the most optimal way.

House of Green is designed as one single space with three main display areas:

  • The showroom is primarily aimed at foreign delegations visiting Denmark. The showroom also houses a permanent Circular Economy exhibition, which provides delegations with examples of circular economy solutions in practice
  • Similarly. the landscape exhibition can be customised to meet the needs of individual delegations and the topics they are interested in, allowing the host to drill down to specific areas of interest
  • In the lounge area, the visitors can discover Danish green solutions and expertise through State of Green’s printed white papers and the web portal, which is located on a large touch screen. This allows visitors to explore specific areas, sectors and search for Danish partners and cases.


House of Green is funded by the Danish Industry Foundation.

The 400-m2 showroom was created in collaboration with State of Green in 2013 and since then, House of Green has received more than 15.000 visitors from all over the world. It has recently undergone a substantial renovation process and re-opened in February 2019. The new House of Green showcases Danish green solutions in an innovative and creative manner and highlights Danish businesses’ ability to think and act sustainably, to the benefit of Danish competitiveness abroad and in reorienting the planet towards a more sustainable future.


Open House

If you are not part of a delegation but still interested in learning more about House of Green, we have the pleasure of inviting you in for a presentation on the following dates:


Upon registering please inform us of your occupation and/or your field of interest. This will help us to better meet your expectations. As space is limited we will confirm your visit on a first come, first served basis.

Please remember to notify us if you are unable to attend. Thank you.

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