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Sustainable economic growth and security of energy and water supply are among the greatest global challenges today. As the first country in the world, Denmark has decided to lead the transition and become a green and resource efficient economy entirely independent of fossil fuels by 2050.

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News 2014.12.19

Video: Green Growth - A Danish Approach

Denmark 'Green Growth - A Danish Approach' tells the story of Denmark's green growth transition towards 2050. From 99% dependence of imported energy during the oil crises in the 70ies,...

In focus

White Paper: Unlocking the sustainable future of a competitive industry

Benefitting from realising the “first fuel” – energy efficiency. Energy efficiency is becoming increasingly obvious as a way to reduce production cost in industry. Improvements in energy efficiency minimise the...

In focus

Future Water: Setting new standards for drinking water supply

Innovative collaboration in the Danish water industry develops holistic solutions for sustainable and efficient water supply – tailor-made for export and use in water utilities worldwide....

News 2014.12.17

1st Mile secures funding for EcoXpac

EcoXpac has found a way to make it possible to replace all kinds of plastic products with biodegradable fibre products. Replacing plastic bottles with Green Fibre bottles is the mission...

In focus

Our transition – public participation towards a low carbon economy

Co-create, co-develop, co-inspire - how do we cope with the present and future environmental and climate related challenges? A transition towards a more sustainable society needs legitimacy from both top...

News 2014.12.17

Horizon 2020 funding for Inmold

At an initial meeting we concluded that Inmold and its technology would fit well with the NMP-25-2014-1: “Accelerating the uptake of nanotechnologies, advanced materials or advanced manufacturing and processing technologies...

In focus

Denmark – a world leading lab for green technologies

In the transition to a green and more energy and resource efficient society it is of vital importance that a transformation of the energy sector goes hand in hand with...

News 2014.12.17

A new program for maximising renewable energy in the Chinese energy system

On December 16 2014 the completion meeting to summarize the Sino-Danish Renewable Energy Development Program (RED) as well as the official launch of the “Boosting RE as part of China’s...

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