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Sustainable economic growth and security of energy and water supply are among the greatest global challenges today. As the first country in the world, Denmark has decided to lead the transition and become a green and resource efficient economy entirely independent of fossil fuels by 2050.

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News 2015.08.31

Heat Pumps: The heart in the intelligent energy system

Since the beginning in 2002, ELFORSK has focused on strengthening the innovative Danish environment within refrigeration technology and funded several projects. Today the Danish refrigeration industry is world leading and refrigeration technology has a big potential for heating and process energy in heat...

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Future Water: Setting new standards for drinking water supply

Innovative collaboration in the Danish water industry develops holistic solutions for sustainable and efficient water supply – tailor-made for export and use in water utilities worldwide....

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Our transition – public participation towards a low carbon economy

Co-create, co-develop, co-inspire - how do we cope with the present and future environmental and climate related challenges? A transition towards a more sustainable society needs legitimacy from both top and bottom of society. Climate change emanates from a number...

News 2015.08.31

Copenhagen has opened its new bridge, the Circle Bridge

The City of Copenhagen opened the new Circle Bridge which is a gift from the Nordea Foundation and designed by Olafur Eliasson..The bridge was opened with a bicycle parade led by Klaus Bondam, CEO of the Danish Cyclists’ Federation and...

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Denmark – a world leading lab for green technologies

In the transition to a green and more energy and resource efficient society it is of vital importance that a transformation of the energy sector goes hand in hand with a focused effort within research, test and demonstration in order...

News 2015.08.28

Fuelled by Nature: Arla and NGF Unite around Biogas

The first biogas plant will be built in the Danish town of Videbæk, where Arla has several large production facilities. In phase one, the biogas plant will produce 11 million cubic meters biogas per year, corresponding to nearly 7000 single...

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On the path to a sustainable 2050

Denmark - a Global Leader on climate and energy. The WWFrecognises the ambitious climate and energy policies of the Danish government as a gift to the earth for Denmark’s leadership. Read their reasons why here....

News 2015.08.25

1 Billion DKK into Solar Thermal Solutions for District Heating

63 solar thermal solutions covering 10,000 square meters are currently scattered across the Danish landscape. And more are on their way. During next year, solar panels will constitute 1.1 million square meters in Denmark, raising the bar for renewable energy...

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