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The development company, DBH Technology, is occupied within the biotechnology industry and is right now working on the development of Denmark’s first sustainable biorefinery - Hveiti.

Sustainable production of biofuel

Hveiti has the necessary technology to create growth and development with sustainable produced biofuels. Hveiti uses technology characterised by its low use of energy in the production and transport processes. As a result, biomass is transformed into biofuel, feed and food, leaving no waste products.

We always strive towards improving the technology used within the field of eco-friendly bioethanol. The goal is to use technology that applies with the newest environmental requirements and is beneficial from both an environmental and economic perspective. The technology which is widely used today when producing biofuel, can, in principle, be applied in the processing of all sorts of biomass. However, the future challenge will be to find the raw materials that give the highest output and at the same time are easily accessible.

Other activities in the bioenergy industry

DBH is also engaged in other projects within the bioenergy industry. Especially the development of marine biomass is an area the company is focusing on.

Att: Svend Brandstrup
Kystvej 26
8500 Grenaa
Phone: +45 2347 3455


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