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Solution: AquaCompact Compact Heat Exchanger System
AquaCompact Compact Heat Exchanger System

AquaCompact Compact Heat Exchanger System

AquaCompact is a compact pre-assembled system. It is designed to provide domestic hot water in applications in which the demand is not constant such as apartment blocks,hotels, hospitals, schools, sport halls, AquaCompact optimizes the necessary power rating and the hot water storage volume without reducing domestic hot water capacity. AquaCompact therefore offers best possible overall economy by minimizing installation and operating costs.

​Technical specifications
AquaCompact combines the high efficiency of a heat exchanger with the storage capacity of a tank. The charging pump and charging circuit are continuously in operation and the system is therefore continuously prepared to meet high rates of
domestic hot water demand. The hot water produced in the heat exchanger is led to the top of the storage vessel from where the hot water is drawn.

If the hot water demand is less than the energy supply the extra amount of hot water produced by the heat exchanger will be stored in the storage vessel. When the hot water demand corresponds to the energy supply, the heat exchanger compensates without affecting the quantity of stored hot water.

The stored hot water is only used for high hot water demands that are higher in terms of energy than the power supply. The storage vessel of the system serves as a buffer for medium or high domestic hot water demand. AquaCompact will always provide hot water at a rate corresponding to the energy input even if the storage vessel has been completely emptied of hot water.

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