Good water management can make cities healthier places to live, resilient towards climate change and more sustainable overall. Without proper sanitation, sewerage and clean water supply, there is no liveable city. This white paper features lessons learned from different Danish stakeholders within urban water management. It is meant to serve as a tool for inspiration for creating innovative water solutions, which contribute to smarter and more liveable cities.

Placing water at the core of the city’s urban planning and investments creates a strong foundation for sustainable growth. When urban planners and water managers join hands, it increases chances of developing longterm solutions, which successfully integrate the role of water with the needs of both local citizens and nature.

How rethinking urban water management can transform cities of the future

Following an inspiring foreword by the Danish Minister for Environment, Lea Wermelin, this white paper explores solutions that meet the increasing pressure on urban water supply as well as the increasing volume of waste water, showcasing how a well-maintained pipe network constructed of high quality materials is essential as well as how digitalisation and data utilisation can increase efficiency of supply. At the same time, the white paper also offers valuable insights in to accommodating the overflows of heavy rain caused by climate change.

Finally, the white paper calls for the necessity of partnerships by highlighting how working together in partnerships when developing water solutions for smart and liveable cities often leads to more innovative and efficient solutions and ultimately improves the framework for innovation and prosperity.

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You can learn more about the topics in this white paper and meet with dedicated water professionals from Denmark and around the world at the IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition on May 9-14th, 2021. The main theme of the Congress is also “Water for Smart Liveable Cities”.

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We are a Copenhagen based office, consisting of architects, landscape architects and constructing architects, who contribute with multiple expertise’s from different professional fields and various scales. The office has received great international attetion since the beginning in 2012. In a short period of time, THIRD NATURE has developed groundbreaking climate adaptation projects, award winning sustainable urban masterplans and hybrid building typologies that solve more than just one thing. In every project we try to show and encourage the world with new positivistic approaches and ideas to deal with future urban challenges. A THIRD WAY THIRD NATURE deals with the fact that the city and nature have fought an odd match for a long time. The challenges of today with mass migration, mobility and climate change can only be solved if we find a third way where the relation between the planet’s resources and our consumption is more balanced. From our point of view cities, buildings and nature are therefore not opposites, but rather the prerequisites for each other when creating projects that contribute to the needed transition. All projects at THIRD NATURE are developed with an overall architectural, landscape and planning mindset, so they together contribute to a strong and sustainable whole. We do so because we know that the greatest value can only be achieved when architecture, climate and resources are considered as integrated parameters in the design process. In short, we do projects that are adapted to what is living, not vice versa.

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