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Water management

Water resource management

Accelerating business transformation through a utilitywide digitalisation strategy

27. October 2020

Solution provider

Aarhus Water

We have extensive knowledge of the operation of various facilities, establishment of organisations, analysis, tendering, planning, project management, training and commissioning of facilities.

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Aarhus Vand – the water utility servicing Denmark’s second-largest city – is full steam ahead with implementation of a digital transformation strategy which sets an ambitious direction that will accelerate and increase its focus on continued innovation of digital solutions and transformation of the utility’s business.

Accessibility of data, information and knowledge which promotes sharing, cooperation, innovation and partnerships is at the core of Aarhus Vand’s business and digital strategies. Aarhus Vand is using data driven approaches that include use of real time data, advanced analytics, optimisation and decision support to operate its WWTPs to reduce energy consumption and produce enough energy to become net producers of energy and thereby defer capital costs while meeting environmental regulations.

The same data-driven approaches and technologies are used to optimise the water supply systems to reduce NRW and energy consumption, ensure high water quality and operate the systems efficiently and sustainably.

Aarhus Vand is currently starting a project to build the world’s most resource efficient WWTP - Aarhus Rewater - and has chartered a Digital BluePrint, which outlines how the utility wants to work with data and new IT technologies to innovate, design and operate the new resource recovery plant.

A 3VAND partner

We are an active partner in 3VAND - a strategic collaborative partnership consisting of the leading water utilities in Denmark: HOFOR, BIOFOS, Aarhus Vand and VCS Denmark.