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VCS Denmark

VCS Denmark is the third largest water and wastewater utility in Denmark. We operate 6 waterworks, 14 wastewater treatment plants and 3400 km of water and wastewater pipeline network. VCS Denmark is known as a frontrunner in the Danish water and wastewater sector. We have supplied the city of Odense with clean drinking water since 1853, and as a company, we embody more than 150 years of experience in water supply and wastewater management. Today we are a modern water and wastewater utility with 185 employees, all highly skilled professionals within their field. Through their daily work, our employees have developed hands-on experience with all aspects of water and wastewater management. We call it practical water knowledge. We share our knowledge through our consultancy services and through customized training programmes that match the specific needs of each client. We have a strong tradition of innovation, and always apply the most advanced technologies when carrying out our operational tasks within water supply and wastewater treatment. We have extensive experience in efficient and energy-saving operation of waterworks and wastewater treatment plants, as well as pipeline networks.

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