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Leif Koch

Leif Koch - the leading experts for reducing non revenue water in Scandinavia.

Leif Koch specializes in buried water pipe leak detection and localization, and serves institutions in Denmark and worldwide to meet the ever-increasing need to reduce non revenue water.

Leif Koch is the oldest leak detection company in Denmark, and works with municipalities to implement innovative strategies for reducing non revenue water developed over more than 40 years of operation.

In addition to leak detection and localization services, Leif Koch sells leak detection instruments and offers training courses to ensure their proper use. The company also finds any pipes and valves not recorded in the official map of a municipality’s water network, provides ways to adjust and control them, and updates the water network map.

In 2009, Leif Koch developed an innovative online tool called “ALMOS LEAK”, which uses unique algorithms to interpret and transmit information received from noise detectors placed on water pipes to an online map of the water network. ALMOS LEAK allows for quick and efficient leak detection and repair, as users can view the collected data online and determine whether a leak exists anywhere in a given water network.  

Our innovative strategies for leak detection and localization reduce costs and save water resources for municipalities.  

Leif Koch utilizes the most advanced instruments and technologies and continually trains its staff in their use.

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Leif Koch
Att: CEO Jørgen Würtzner Koch
Rugvænget 31
2630 Taastrup
Phone: (+45) 70239898


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