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4. March 2024

Digital transformation of the water sector

Taking a data-driven approach to running a water utility opens up opportunities for optimisation of everything from operations to asset management, customer relations and revenue protection.
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European water utilities are under pressure to become more digitalised and efficient. Climate change and limited water resources combined with the demands to keep doing more with less means that water professionals across the globe are under pressure to find new and more efficient ways of working.

But as several Danish water utilities have proven over the last decade, digitalisation truly holds the key to radically transforming the industry.

While the steps involved in a utility’s digitalisation journey are the same, the individual starting points and ambitions may not be. By understanding the process, defining a strategic purpose, and being inspired by the many concrete cases from more experienced water companies, utilities can increase their chances of a successful digital transformation.

The publication is also available in Polish, Italian and German.

Highlights from the white paper

  • Going from digital transformation to digitalisation to digitisation
  • Digital transformation as an ongoing development
  • Utilising the right data for decision-making – innovation from collaboration between utilities and technology providers

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