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By Wind Denmark, March 16, 2020

The organizations Wind Denmark and Hydrogen Denmark have agreed to initiate a strategic collaboration with goals of securing the spread of Power-to-X (PtX) in Denmark and breaking down regulatory barriers. The two organizations have decided to name the collaboration: The PtX-Alliance.

PtX is a crucial technological development in the realization of Denmark’s ambitions to reduce its footprint of greenhouse gasses by 70 pct. in 2030. Therefore, in the coming years, Denmark must develop a new set of rules and regulations, which enable the possibility of renewable energy from wind turbines and solar PV to be used in production of hydrogen and other electrofuels through different methods, including electrolysis.

“The establishment of the PtX-Alliance has to be seen in the light of the fact, that we have only scratched the surface regarding the great potential need of power to create green fuels. If we in Denmark wish to be a leading nation in the field, help the green transition along here at home, and create a new export adventure, we must rethink our legislation. That will be the primary goal of the PtX-Alliance,” says Jan Hylleberg, CEO of Wind Denmark.

Wind Denmark and Hydrogen Denmark represent the totality of the value chain behind the PtX-production in Denmark. Wind Denmark represents “Power”, while Hydrogen Denmark represents “to-X” through producers and users. The collaboration will ensure that Denmark will reach a point where there will be a large-scale production of e.g. hydrogen, as well as secure the possibilities of a new export adventure through both green fuels and technologies for production.

“We expect that the demand for hydrogen and other electrofuels will explode in the coming years and towards 2030, and that’s why we have taken action in Denmark and seized the opportunity of being a leader in the field. Here in Denmark, we have unique opportunities to produce a lot of green electricity, power, and a lot of corporations in Denmark are already in the process of launching projects that can turn this power into X,” says Tejs Laustsen Jensen, CEO of Hydrogen Denmark.

The first activity of the PtX-Alliance will be a collective launch-event for members of both organizations on the 5 May, 2020. At this event, the PtX-Alliance will be officially launched, as well as a status of the challenges that might arise in the proliferation of PtX in Denmark now and in the future.

Focus areas of the PtX-Alliance

– To secure a coordinated effort and dialogue in regards to both Danish and European authorities’ work with regulatory challenges

– To create a longsighted strategic plan of the linkage between renewable energy from wind turbines and electrolysis.

– To secure a coordinated effort in regards to the necessary innovation and testing of PtX, especially in regards to the hydrogen-, methanol- and ammonia-production in Denmark.

– To secure the establishment of necessary initiatives that can secure an export of Danish PtX-solutions.

– To cooperate in regards to the EU’s strategic value chain of hydrogen.

Visit the PtX Alliance website (Danish)

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