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Having signed new memorandum of understanding today, the Danish government signals its commitment to maintaining Denmark’s position as a global wind hub.

Reaffirming its commitment to maintaining Denmark’s position as a global wind hub, the Danish government and representatives from the wind sector signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) today. Titled ‘Second to none wind energy framework – think Denmark’ the MoU’s objective is to strengthen and continue the already strong cooperation between Denmark and the global wind energy industry, with the result that Denmark remains the preferred country partner for the global wind energy industry.

The Danish government intends to maintain Denmark’s position by providing state-of-the-art framework conditions and an attractive environment for the wind industry within areas such as research and development, test and demonstration facilities, access to skilled labour and a market for state-of-the art onshore and offshore wind.

The world’s largest offshore wind developer, home to wind giants such as Siemens and Vestas and an electricity system that can be powered solely by wind energy for days at a time, the wind energy industry has has played a significant role in the Danish economy. One of the country’s most significant exporting industries, the wind energy industry has contributed continuously to the Danish economy over the years, leading to a foot print of more than 33,000 jobs and a turnover of  EUR 19 billion (DKK 143 billion) in 2017. Strong manufacturing capabilities and shared visions between industry and government, backed up by a long history of political agreements that have been supported by the bulk of elected political parties have contributed to this development.

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New test facility for offshore wind turbines on the way?

Commercial signatories to the MoU include Vestas, Siemens Gamesa, MHI Vestas, Orsted and Vattenfall.  Via strategic and commercial decisions they will support the continued development of Denmark as a technological base for the wind energy industry.

The Minister of Finance Kristian Jensen said:
“Effective collaboration with the wind sector strengthens Denmark. Not only as a pioneer country in terms of green energy but also as a fundamental leader in the development of future wind turbine technology. This declaration is intended to ensure that the wind turbine industry continues to invest in Denmark, for the benefit of Danish climate efforts, the Danish economy and the Danes”.

As the first concrete project in relation to the declaration, the Lindø Offshore Renewables Center (LORC) has applied for a EUR 6.7 million grant from the Danish state to finance a new large test facility for offshore wind turbines. The Minister of Finance Kristian Jensen assures that the government will treat the application positively.

At the same time, the parties will also establish a dialogue forum with annual status meetings that will cover the Danish conditions for the industry as well as continued growth in the field.

CEO of the Danish Wind Industry Association Jan Hylleberg said:
“With this declaration has the wind sector and government taken an important step to secure that the an optimal framework for continued growth in Denmark. On behalf of actors in the wind sector, I would like to acknowledge this agreement, which will undoubtedly be valuable for Denmark. An ongoing dialogue will help ensure that tomorrow’s wind turbines will be developed here in Denmark. A strategy for large-scale testing and access to prototype test sites plays a central role in this”.

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The declaration of intent was signed at the Danish Wind Industry Association’s New Year’s reception in Copenhagen.

The Minister for Energy, Utilities and Climate Lars Chr. Lilleholt said:
“Denmark is a wind country, which the Government and the parliament made clear in the latest Energy Agreement’s grand ambitions for on- and offshore wind. We are the birthplace of the global wind sector and with the new MoU, we ensure that the now fully-grown industry has the best conditions for remaining Danish”.

The MoU can be accessed here.

-Sources: The Danish Ministry of Finance

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