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KIRT x THOMSEN is a strategic visual R&D consultancy offering design-led solutions to support and accelerate the R&D process. We work with clients in the clean tech energy industry to make the abstract tangible and simplify the complex.

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Visually communicating a vertical-axis floating wind turbine with 3D renders and animation.

Nenuphar engaged us in 2015 to deliver a visual communication package covering product development of their latest vertical-axis floating wind turbine. Nenuphar was still in a very early stage of product development when engaging us, and needed capital injection and industrial partners to develop the technology. The aim was to update 3D renders views and animations, and build a presentation model of the floating wind turbine in order to communicate ideas, potentials and solutions to possible investors and stakeholders.

To reach this objective, we performed detailed rendering and animations of the wind turbine on a continuous basis alongside progression of technical solutions, thereby providing visual and technical support during early product development. We defined requirements and background material in close collaborations with Nenuphar. It was our responsibility to visualize, structuralize and present the material in a simple and easy understandable manner. Drafting out concept solutions using tools like sketching and rough animations/renders accomplished this.

In order to communicate ideas, potentials and solutions to possible investors and stakeholders, we customized a full 1:200 scale model of the vertical-axis floating wind turbine, drawings, 3D-files, and background knowledge of wind turbine technology.

Another important aspect for Nenuphar was the ability to transport the model in an easy and accessible way. Therefore we customized the presentation model of the wind turbine that had the flexibility of easy transportation when having displays at various places and surroundings. Finally, we provided a visual communication package, which explained the technical aspects of the design including a 3D animation video which is featured below.

KIRT THOMSEN’s contribution in the early stage of the project proved a key element to achieving the ambitious initial development targets and internal alignments Nenuphar requested. The presentation model was proven useful at the green energy expo conference where Albert II, Prince of Monaco and the French President François Hollande showed a great interest in the vertical-axis floating wind turbine model.

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