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GreenLab is a green and circular energy park that works to transform the way green energy is produced, converted, stored and put to use.

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GreenLab is a green, circular, industrial park and intelligent energy platform ideally located in Skive, Denmark, where the national 40 bar gas and 150 kV electricity grids intersect. GreenLab wants to integrate those sectors and does so through an industrial symbiosis. All entities in the park are powered by 80 MW of wind and solar energy, and they share their excess resources such as heat, steam, electricity and gas through the SymbiosisNet™ – an intelligent energy exchange infrastructure. In essence, the symbiosis treats energy as energy – a natural resource – regardless of form, and converts, stores and distributes it as needed. The symbiotic infrastructure at GreenLab and embedded resource efficiency enables green energy at a lower cost and the ability to reach competitive price points. Simultaneously, distribution and offtake partners are secured centrally and collaboratively. The intelligent platform that GreenLab builds will enable the optimisation of green energy consumption “from prognosis to product” and will be the first software of its kind that considers the entire value chain.

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