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Frederiksberg Forsyning

Frederiksberg Forsyning is a multi supply utility in the heart of Copenhagen, supplying 110,000 customers with district heating , water and city gas. The utility is also maintaing the sewage system in the municipality of Frederiksberg.

The municipality of Frederiksberg is the owner of the company.

The company shares a common address with Copenhagen Transmission Company (CTR) and the Danish Board of District Heating, the international organisation of the district heating companies in Denmark.

Frederiksberg District Heating Company owns the distribution network, which covers 87 km main pipeline, 63 km branch lines and 3,750 building substations, mainly to apartment buildings. The network supplies 97% of all heated space in the municipality.

Frederiksberg Forsyning is a multi-utility organization with extensive experience in operation and maintenance of district heating systems – in combination with the other public utility infrastructure.

Frederiksberg forsyning is contributing to substential CO2 reduction through innovative climate adaptation projects. See some of the solutions below.

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