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Climate change adaptation

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Climate Adaptation through improved water management

6. September 2013

Solution provider

Frederiksberg Forsyning

Frederiksberg Forsyning is the local utility company in Frederiksberg.

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Climate change cause episodes of extreme weather as e.g. cloudburst. In Frederiksberg, we did experience cloudburst 2nd July 2011 - 150 mm rainfall during only one and a half hour. Supplementary the number of days with 10 mm of rain, will increase by 3 days in 2050.

This experience and forecasts inspired us to make a cloudburst strategy to improve the sewerage system with 30 %. We analyzed two alternative solutions, first to improve the sewerage system and second to improve our water management. We preferred the second solution. This solution does both manage rain water and improves the urban landscape and community.

Two projects are answers to this strategy: Lindevangsparken and Helenevej:

Lindevangsparken is a classical park in the dense city with a school and multi-store housing as the nearest neighbors. The project demonstrates how climate adaptation can act as a catalyst for local development.

The Helenevej project is the first place in Denmark to use permeable paving on a road with underlying storage capacity in the construction layer from where the rainwater slowly infiltrates into the ground.