Vive la France – Vive NoFloods!

By Tlh, November 18, 2014

The NoFloods Barrier was called into action for the first time in the Brittany region in France to protect 3 towns during the January 2014 flooding.

When extensive rain caused the water to rise in the Oust and the Blavet rivers, the towns of Josselin, Pontivy and Redon deployed the NoFloods Twin Tube 125cm Mobile Dam to protect their residents from potential damage. Fortunately, the situation only became serious in the rues des Moulins in Pontivy, where the NoFloods Barrier successfully held back the water that rose to a level that threatened people and infrastructure.

The French military Sécurité Civile had been testing the NoFloods barrier extensively before procuring a few kilometers in past years. The barrier was also deployed in Troyes during the floodings in the summer of 2013, where it prevented flood damage to homes along the Seine. With all these recent successful deployments, it is no surprise that the Sécurité Civile has now signed a new 4-year contract with Environment Solutions. The NoFloods barrier is quick and easy to deploy and is particularly suited for distances over 200 meters.

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