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Nature based solutions

Urban water management

The Marielyst Neighbourhood

20. July 2015

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The project aims to make the area more attractive by preparing it for the climate changes and heavy rains of the future with new water-collecting flower beds, infiltration trenches and smaller changes in the landscape that control the course of the water.

The project is a partnership between GAA (the tenant’s owner association), Nordvand (the water supply company) and Gladsaxe Municipality, and it shows how all parties have something to gain by thinking “out of the box”.


nstead of expanding the old, existing sewage system, which would have been very expensive, the three parties have agreed upon a Water-Sensitive Urban Design that is much cheaper, more aesthetic and still relieves the whole sewage system of the area.


The new Water-Sensitive Urban Design project at the Marielyst Neighbourhood adds both practical and aesthetical green solutions to the garden apartment complex, Marielyst. The different elements of the Water-Sensitive Urban Design act as an architectonic supplement to the garden apartment complex, a typical building style in the 1950’es in Denmark. This can be seen, for instance in the first picture, where the water-collecting flowerbeds and the temporary water table follow the circular shape of the building block. These green solutions will only grow more beautiful as time passes.

The project is part of the overall ”Gladsaxe Heights: a Climate-Adapted Neighbourhood”-project which is one of Denmark’s biggest climate-adaptation projects.