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Gladsaxe Municipality

Gladsaxe Municipality


Organisation type: Public Sector



Climate change adaptation

Flood prevention

Nature based solutions

Urban mobility


Gladsaxe is a suburban city in The Greater Copenhagen Area. The city's work on climate adaptation connects to a strong political ambition to make Gladsaxe a vibrant city in growth. The vision for Gladsaxe is focused on social and environmental balance as well as cohesion between growth and welfare in the city. Therefore, the municipality’s ambitious work with climate adaptation is connected to the overall political visions for the city.

One of the biggest climate adaption projects, Gladsaxe Heights: A Climate Adapted Neighbourhood, is located in Gladsaxe.

In 2015, the Danish Outdoor Council appointed Gladsaxe the Danish Outdoor Municipality of the Year, based on the city’s integration of outdoor life in new climate adaption projects. New climate adaption projects such as The Water Park and Gladsaxe Sports Centre combine urban drainage systems to recreational areas with new possibilities for outdoor activities for various groups of the municipality’s inhabitants. This way, the municipality’s climate adaptation projects not only serve a functional purpose, but also invites the city’s inhabitants to use urban and recreational areas in various ways.

Gladsaxe Municipality has worked with the challenges of climate change for a number of years. With a CO2 and Environmental Plan, the city now sets its sights even higher. Gladsaxe Municipality as a public enterprise takes the lead in the climate and environment, but in the face of the global challenges, the city also rely on its companies and citizens to make climate-friendly choices.

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