By CLEAN, March 05, 2015

During the last 3 years CLEAN has worked on an innovative approach to the internationalization of Danish companies and organizations. This has led to the development of a new internationalization model - The Competitiveness Amplification Model.

A new approach to the world’s climate and environmental challenges
Three years ago, CLEAN and Industry Foundation started collaborating on developing a project that aimed to test a new method of how the world’s climate and environmental challenges could be addressed. This project was named ‘Complex Cleantech Solutions’. The method behind the project was to identify project opportunities abroad with a clear market demand for Danish solutions and then get a group of Danish companies working together to create a holistic solution to a given climate challenge in co-creation with the local authorities

Now the project has reached the end, and the experiences with solutions oriented co-creation has been compiled in a major report, and has been used to develop a new model for how to successfully use the method of internationalization in the future.

The Competitiveness Amplification Model
The generic model is designed to boost the competitiveness of Danish companies, and not least the cleantech sector, by increasing the “pull” of cleantech solutions in the international market. The model is based on four main elements: “Pull”, “Analyze”, “Organize” and “Co-create”. The model uses Danish Cleantech as its input and “Increased Global Competitiveness’ as its output. The model is, however, replicable across industries and sectors.

The model assumes that there is a “pull” of a product or solution, although it can be limited. The model then tries to strengthen this “pull” until it is sustainable. The first step “Analyze” requires an analysis that often starts at the macro level and then narrow the field into a specific project when “pull” increases.

The next step “Organize” in the model is to bring together the engaged stakeholders to collectively create a solution as a group. It involves creating a dialogue between stakeholders and build robust relationships. 

The last step “Co-creation” is to engage in a joint process to achieve a sustainable solution. The reason is that a solution that is developed through an engaged dialogue with all stakeholders will be sustainable and be able to compete technologically and commercially against other traditional solutions. This success will generate a stronger pull.

Increased danish competitiveness on the global market 
In Denmark there are many SMEs within cleantech and even the larger companies are small compared to international competitors. Therefore, this innovative approach to build holistic solutions created in collaboration with the local authorities is a good way forward for Danish companies to increase their competitiveness in the international arena. CLEAN is happy to contribute to the growth for Danish companies using this new model, and look forward to further develop and use the method in future work on internationalization.

You can read the full project report here 

Watch a video introduction to ‘The Competitiveness Amplification Model’

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