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Ucomposites A/S

Ucomposites A/S

Ucomposites A/S is a company up cycling glass fiber production waste from the wind turbine rotor blade manufactures into technical fibers for the building sector and automotive industry.

Since inception in 2008 the purpose of the founders of the company was to challenge the existing market and traditional manufacturers. Ucomposites are firm believers in an advanced technological angle on recycling which makes it possible to develop the same quality as the virgin alternatives. And recycling is key to making the planet a better place to be. Ucomposites’ mission is “We believe in the environment. We U-turn traditional thinking and challenge staus quo. We deliver virgin quality, recycled!”.

Ucomposites’ s production plant is located on Bogø south of Copenhagen. However, the company is truly international with an export share of more than 95%. The company is recycling more than 6.000 ton pa. and is the only one of its kind in the world. Ucomposites have plans of building plants on other continents too.

The company is build on an aggregator model collecting glass fiber production waste from plants all over Europe. The waste suppliers are mainly wind turbine rotor blade manufactures such as GE, Vestas, MHI Vestas, Enercon and SiemensGamesa – waste that otherwise would have been landfilled. Ucomposites use patented technology turning waste into usable high tech fibers for advanced customers. The products are chopped glass fibers for various industries mainly within the building and automotive industry. The fibers are used as reinforcement in products such as gypsum wall boards, bituminous membranes (tar paper) and a broad range of plastic parts for the automotive industry such as inner wheel arches, trunk, headliner, engine compartment.

Ucomposites produce “new” GF  for the building sector and the European automotive industri including BMW, Daimler Mercedes-Benz, Audi and VW. There are major environmental benefits by substituting virgin GF with recycled: 1 ton of virgin GF require 8055 kWh = 1,9 ton Co2. 1 ton of recycled GF from Ucomposites require 60 kWh = 60 kg Co2.

Recycling is key to make the planet a better place to be. Production of virgin glass fiber is very energy demanding and Ucomposites have with an advanced technological angle on recycling, to the benefit of the environment, made it possible to develop same quality as the virgin alternatives. Ucomposites is aligned with UN Global Compact Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and are contributing to reach the goals, particularly for following SDGs: 9, 11, 12 , 13. Ucomposites work in line with EU thematic strategy for prevention and recycling waste but will also contribute to diverting waste from landfill which is an important element in EU policy on improving the use of resources and reducing environmental impacts of waste management. Ucomposites A/S has carried out a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) to document the carbon footprint of recycled materials in this project as well as other environmental impacts. : Ucomposites use 60 kWh for processing of 1 ton glass fibervs. virgin glass fiber manufacturing which demands 8.055 kWh with a carbon footprint of 1,9 ton.

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