Plan your green visit to Denmark

State of Green can help you plan your delegation visit to Denmark and connect you with potential partners through site visits and business meetings

How can we help?

Through our “State of Green Tours” service, we can assist your delegation in planning a tailor-made programme with business meetings and site visits to facilities that match the particular interests of your delegation.

Since 2008, we have hosted more than 400 delegations consisting of companies, politicians and civil servants from all over the world and we are happy to welcome you to Denmark on a State of Green Tour.

Our services are free of charge. However, we expect delegations to handle all other costs related to the visit. Due to limited resources, we, unfortunately, cannot accommodate all requests for assistance. Should this be the case, we cooperate with a number of organisations who might be able to assist you. See a full list of our Tours Network Partners.

What can you visit?

Whether you are planning a fact finding mission, looking for investment opportunities or potential partners for upcoming projects, we can connect you with Danish companies, utilities, organisations etc. who can help you solve  your particular green challenge.

Based on your specific challenges and requests and our in-depth knowledge of the Danish stakeholders’ areas of expertise and market focus, we can arrange visits to different types of facilities – from power plants, biorefineries and wind farms to recycling stations or wastewater treatment plants. We can also set-up business meetings with relevant Danish stakeholders such as consulting companies, research institutes or government agencies etc. based on your area of interest.

To find inspiration for your visit, we encourage you to explore the many solutions featured on our website or browse through the list of potential partners. You can add these directly to your request.

Need help planning your tour?

If you are interested in a tailor-made State of Green Tour, please contact us by submitting a visit request.


If you already know which companies, organisations or solutions you wish to visit, please add them to your request.


Following your selection, simply submit the visit request and we will get back to you within 1-2 business days.


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Visit both Denmark and Sweden

State of Green has, together with our Swedish counterpart Green Tech Visits, created a solution for high-level international delegations, who may be interested in visiting both Sweden and Denmark, but have previously struggled with finding the time to travel to both countries.

With this collaboration between State of Green and Green Tech Visits, it will be possible for these delegations to visit the two countries in one day. A short 30-minute train ride or an equally short drive across The Oresund Bridge will give the delegations plenty of opportunities to learn about green solutions on both sides.

Why Denmark and Sweden?
Both Sweden and Denmark have numerous exciting and significant site visits, that can be very relevant for all types of delegations. For example, in Copenhagen, you can visit multiple sustainable urban development projects, such as the Northern Harbour and the Carlsberg area, or grab an electric bike and experience one of the greenest cities in the world. On the other side of Oresund, the delegations can experience Malmö and Skåne, which has been described as a green cluster where cleantech-companies can develop new green solutions.




Making the small effort to visit two different countries in one day, can have a tremendous impact on the various delegations. It gives them the opportunity to compare and contrast how policies and development projects are planned and run in two separate nations. A delegation will be offered a first-hand experience of two countries and two different ways of solving the green challenges of the future and learn from the results.

To arrange a visit to Denmark and Sweden with State of Green and Green Tech Visits, please contact Linda Stafsing from the latter, or visit and fill out a tour request form.


Sustainable Guide

State of Green has developed a small guide to a sustainable stay in Denmark.

This can be a good starting point for inspiration.

Find the guide here



Tours Network Denmark

In this paper, you will meet the ten partners behind the Tours Network and find inspiration for site visits across energy efficiency, renewables, waste and resource management, clean air, water and climate adaptation.

If you are interested in visiting Denmark to explore these solutions, we encourage you to contact the Tours Network.

Read more

Visit House of Green

When visiting Denmark, we encourage you to stop by our interactive visitors’ centre “House of Green” located in the heart of Copenhagen.

House of Green is primarily aimed at foreign political- and business delegations visiting Denmark to look at Green Solutions. If you are planning a visit to Denmark, please do not hesitate to contact us for a professional introduction to the green sector in Denmark.

House of Green is funded by the Danish Industry Foundation and established in collaboration with State of Green.

Contact us for a visit

Learn more about House of Green

Learn more about what to expect when visiting House of Green and the story behind our visitors’ centre, and sign up for our open house events.

Learn more about House of Green




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