The US is investing heavily in Danish offshore wind turbines

By State of Green, May 02, 2019

Danish companies are taking part in the booming offshore wind adventure in the United States – an adventure that, together with growing environmental concerns outside Washington, might lead the United States to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement.

After two years with Donald Trump as President, one might think that green energy is a languishing industry in the United States – but this is hardly the case, writes the Danish media enterprise DR (Danish Broadcasting Corporation).

In a short time, the market for offshore wind farms has increased rapidly in the US, and Danish companies are at the forefront when the large contracts are being signed.

The states along the US east coast have jointly put out a tender for offshore wind projects of 20 gigawatt, which means that just in a few years; 10 million American households will be supplied with renewable energy from wind turbines.

Green business is good business

The explanation for the offshore wind boom is primarily that the price of energy from offshore wind turbines has come down to a level where it can compete with energy from a newly built coal power plant. Accordingly, green energy has become a good business, which makes it attractive to American politicians from both parties.

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When the states along the US east coast are so interested in the possibilities in offshore wind, is it also because the natural conditions on the east coast are ideal for offshore wind turbines with low sea levels and lots of wind, as we know it from Denmark.

The many years of experience with wind energy give Danish companies a unique opportunity in the US market for offshore wind farms.

Sharing knowledge to meet the Paris Agreement

The Danish Minister for Energy, Utilities and Climate and the Danish Embassy in Washington have worked closely together to pave the way for Danish companies in the offshore wind field.

For instance, a number of key political figures such as Scott Pattison, Executive Director and CEO of the National Governors Association (NGA), were invited to Denmark to see how offshore wind turbines are integrated into the Danish energy system.

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In 2017, President Trump decided to withdraw the United States from the Paris Agreement. However, outside Washington, concerns for the environment are growing, which becomes evident through a strong focus on wind turbines, solar energy and a continued focus on natural gas. According to several experts, the outcome of this development might be that the United States will meet the goals of the Paris Agreement, even though the country is outside the agreement.

Source: DR

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