Happy Global Wind Day: The world’s largest wind turbine has been launched

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By State of Green, Photo by: Bel Air Aviation - Helicopter Services, June 15, 2017

Today is the celebration of Global Wind Day. With over 500GW installed worldwide, wind power has become the leading source of new power generation in Europe and in many countries around the world. The positive, global development of the wind industry is especially marked by the Danish company MHI Vestas Offshore’s launch of the largest wind turbine in the world.

The wind turbines are growing in size and the trend seems to continue. Last week,  the MHI Vestas Offshore’s V164-9.5 MW  offshore wind turbine, was launched – it is currently the world’s most powerful wind turbine. According to the Danish Wind Industry Association, this case shows that the wind industry is well established and can provide the necessary technology to achieve the global climate goals.

The wind turbine is  two to three times larger than just a few years ago. It has a diameter of the size of London Eye the famous trademark of London. MHI Vestas Offshore’s 9.5 MW wind turbine looks like their 8.0 MW turbine but its interior has been upgraded. This means that it can produce more power.

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– As a leader in offshore wind energy, we have committed ourselves to reducing the cost of energy through innovative wind turbine technology. The launch of our V164-9.5 MW wind turbine is a testimony of this leadership and the ingenuity of our engineers and technicians. V164-9.5 MW is built on our leading V64 platform, which is the most powerful platform in operation. A single wind turbine is now capable of producing electricity for more than 8,300 British homes, says Jens Tommerup, CEO of MHI Vestas.

At the Offshore Wind Energy conference held in London last week, MHI Vestas Offshore presented their 9.5 MW wind turbine at the exhibition, where the Danish Wind Industry Association also participated.

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– The new 9.5 MW wind turbine shows the great abilities achieved by the wind industry and the commitment to reduce costs in order for the industry to  help meet the renewable energy needs required to meet the global climate goals. It is clear that there is a political need for stable frameworks and ambitious targets for the expansion of wind energy in the future. The industry and Danish companies have once again shown that they can deliver world-leading technology and products.  I see no need to lower neither the speed nor momentum of this development, says CEO of the Wind Industry Association, Jan Hylleberg.

The consulting company McKinsey & Company  predicts that 13-15 MW wind turbines will hit the market already in 2024.

Source: Global Wind Day & The Danish Wind Industry Association

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