Google car measures air pollution in Copenhagen

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By State of Green, October 09, 2018

For the next 15 months, a Google car will be driving around Copenhagen in order to measure air pollution.

From today until the end of 2019, a Google Street View car will be touring around the streets of Copenhagen. Not to take pictures, but to measure air pollution in the Danish capital.

This is the result of a new partnership between the city of Copenhagen and Google, which is to map the air quality in the city. For instance, industrial air pollution is only measured in three stationary points in Copenhagen today. With the Google car, air quality will be measured on a street-by-street basis, allowing for a greater study of the pollution in the entire city. This is highly needed as research shows that air pollution every year causes the death of around 550 Copenhageners.

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The information received from the Google car is expected to give politicians and researchers insights to where the problem is greatest and how it can be improved.

Copenhagen recognised for its green profile
The cooperation between the technology giant and the city of Copenhagen is part of the city’s strategy to improve the air quality and how it is measured. This strategy has already resulted in an increased focus on how to improve air pollution from public transportation in the city.

Consequently, from December 2019, 41 new electric buses will glide CO2-neutral and silently through the streets of Copenhagen, further reinforcing the city’s goal of replacing all buses with electric buses by 2030 – and hopefully, already in 2025.

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Google chose the city of Copenhagen because its ambitions match the city’s green profile, explained Malou Aamund, Country Director, Google Denmark.

“We have looked at which cities that are generally most progressive in the green area. Here Copenhagen stands out – both in terms of its innovation and its approach to making new partnerships,” said Malou Aamund.

Currently, London and Copenhagen are the only two cities outside of the United States to get their air quality surveyed by Google.

Source: Ritzau and Berlingske

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