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Climate change adaptation

Everenden in Odense: A Wetland Purifying Water

4. April 2024

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Near Odense, Everenden, originally a man-made drainage channel, required significant improvements. The channel, which directs water into Odense Fjord to keep the low-lying areas dry, was in poor ecological condition due to sewer overflow, nearby horticultural activities, and general physical degradation. Before the project, the area held little value for nature and biodiversity and offered limited recreational value.


By establishing a wetland area, Everenden has been revitalized. A four-hectare field was converted into a wetland, enabling water to flow slowly through areas of varying depths. The design incorporates functions such as sedimentation and microbial activity, enhancing water purity before it reaches Odense Fjord.

The area now features walkways and bridges that encourage visitors to explore, enjoy, and appreciate the transformed landscape.

Excess soil from the wetland creation has been utilized to build hills where a forest is being planted.


The newly established waterway enhances the area’s natural beauty while also serving the purpose of pre-cleaning the drainage water from the surrounding fields and the rainwater from the residential areas.

This system not only ensures cleaner discharge into Odense Fjord but also offers a cost-effective alternative to conventional rainwater basins, by significantly reducing both the construction costs and the negative environmental impact of discharging drainage and stormwater.

Additionally, the site boasts biodiversity including a diverse bird population and has already become a favourite among locals.


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